First and foremost, our low pricing compared to traditional money transfer companies and banks increases the amount of money our customers’ friends and families receive.

“Remittances (money sent home) are now the largest source of external financing in developing countries. However, they can be expensive relative to the often low incomes of migrant workers and the rather small amounts sent.”

The World Bank

“If the transaction costs on remittances worldwide were cut from an average of 10 per cent to an average of 5 per cent, it would unlock $15 billion a year in poor countries.”

Bill Gates – Gates Foundation

While this is fundamental to our business ethos, we don’t think it’s enough. So we support good causes in several other ways:

Azimo gives back

We try to do as much as we can for charity, knowing that we’re very fortunate to be making a good living doing what makes us happy. Azimo is committed to donating 10% of its annual profits to our chosen charities.

In-kind donation

We provide selected non-profit organisations with cost-price access to our premium money transfer products, so they can move money from where it’s raised to where it’s spent more easily and cheaply. In some countries our network is the only secure way of getting money to a remote location. Savings can be as much as 500% over banks and other money transfer operators, meaning more money goes to those that need it the most.

Employee giving

Every member of staff is given a free day every quarter to allow them to get involved with work in the community. Through this scheme, our people work with local and national projects and many take part in a wide range of fundraising activities.

Customer giving

Azimo believes in offering great rates for our customers and saving them money. We offer all our customers the chance to donate a portion of the money they have saved to charity.

Azimo is the fastest, easiest and safest way to transfer money. 

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