Processing a debit/credit card transaction consists of three stages:

  1. You input all payment details – if they’re correct, the ‘merchant’ (in this case Azimo) contacts your bank for payment approval.
  2. The bank then decides if they can confirm the payment (as long as there’s enough money in your account and they don’t deem the payment suspicious).
  3. After the bank authorises the payment, the merchant (Azimo) can either refuse or accept it.

If the paymentfails after the second stage, that means your bank has approved the payment but we could not process it. 

In such cases we send an automatic message to your bank (full reversal), to inform them we will not be processing this payment and that the bank should release the funds back to your account. Depending on the efficiency of your bank, it should happen immediately, but in some cases this can take up to 15 days – unfortunately this is dependent on your bank, not Azimo.