If you haven't received a confirmation email, there’s a good chance your transfer isn’t set up in our system. The first place to check is your account dashboard – does the transfer appear on your list? If not, it means your transfer request wasn’t completed. Please resubmit your transfer request and check that it appears in your dashboard when you’re finished.

If the transfer does appear on your dashboard but you haven’t received an email from us, please try the following steps:

  • Search your email account for messages from ‘support@azimo.com’. This will list all emails received from us, including those in your spam folder
  • If the email is in your spam folder, please add support@azimo.com to your contacts list on your email account. This will help to prevent future notifications being filtered into this folder.
  •  If the email isn’t in your spam folder, check that you used a valid email address and that you entered it correctly when registering with Azimo. If you used an incorrect address, please contact Azimo support