If you’ve selected "bank transfer" as your payment method when creating your transaction on Azimo, your order will only be processed when we receive a bank deposit from you. 

You’ll know your transaction has been created on Azimo (but not yet sent) if:

  • You’re shown a ‘Transaction successful’ page
  • You receive an MTN number via email
  • You receive an email with instructions on how to fund the transfer by sending the money to Azimo’s bank account using online or telephone banking

If all of these haven’t happened, please check the ‘recent transfers’ list on your account dashboard. If the transaction doesn’t appear and you haven’t received any other confirmation, this means you’ll need to set up your transaction again.

Once all of these have happened you’ll need to fund the transfer. In order to do that, you can log out of Azimo and log into your online banking to set up a bank transfer to our account. Unfortunately, we can’t do this for you.

When the money reaches our account, we’ll send you a confirmation email to let you know that the funds have arrived and the transfer has been successfully sent.

Azimo is the fastest, easiest and safest way to transfer money. 

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