You can view the status of all your transactions on our website.

 On our website please hoover with your mouse over "Support" and click on "Check Transfer"

On the next site please fill out the mask.

When you click on the "Check status" button you will be redirected to all the important information about your transfer. You will see one of our 3 transfer status.

Your transfer status will be one of the following

Awaiting funds

We are currently waiting for your funds. Bank transfers to our GBP back account usually take up to 5 hours, whereas bank transfers to our EUR account can take up to 2 working days. Please remember that transfers are not normally processed at weekends and bank holidays.

In Progress

Your money has been released by us and is currently being processed by our partner company in the receiving country. This status will be visible till the money is "Available for Pick Up".

Available for Pick-up 

If your money is destined for ‘Cash Pick-up’, this status confirms that the money is ready for collection. At the pick-up point, the recipient will need the unique pick-up reference of their transaction and suitable ID (the ID name must exactly match the beneficiary name on the transfer).

Paid out

If your money is destined for ‘Cash Pick-up’, this confirms the recipient has collected the money from our local payout partner. If you’re transferring funds to a bank account, ‘Paid out’ status indicates that your money has been sent to the receiving bank. There may be a few days’ delay before the funds show in the account, as exact delivery times depend on the receiving bank’s efficiency. If your transaction status shows as “Paid out” but the funds did not reflect in your recipient’s bank account after several days, this article might be interesting to you.


If your transaction shows as “Cancelled”, we will not be processing it anymore. If you didn’t request that cancellation yourself and you haven’t been contacted by our Customer Care team about it, please reach out to us and we will explain the reason for the cancellation.

Please keep in mind that we can only send or receive your money during regular banking hours (excluding Saturday, Sunday and public holidays).


Transactions done on public holiday / non-business day, will be processed on the next working / business day.

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